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Whether it is maintaining your cash register or calibrating your scales, we provide friendly service!


We provide maintenance and repair

on all brands of cash registers.

We've been repairing cash registers for over 20 years and although we can repair most cash registers quite often the cash register is just not meeting the modern demands of your business. In some cases we can offer you a new cash register at a much cheaper cost than a repair.


Call us to see what we can do for you.


It's important to have a cash register maintained regularly

It is the tool you use everyday and the mechanical parts need lubrication and cleaning. Having your cash register serviced every 6 months can extend the life of your cash register.


Call us to book an on-site appointment




We provide calibration and repair on all brands of small scales. 


We repair weigh scales, counting scales, bench scales, dial scales and shipping scales.

Some scales may not meet the modern demands of your business and may need upgrading.


Give us a call for competive rates on all your scale needs.


Scales will slowly change weight readings over time

Calibration returns your scale's weight readings back to absolute factory settings. To keep your scale accurate this should be done every 3-12 months depending on usage. 


Give us a call to book an on-site appointment



Counting scales & bench scales


Your business does not have to stop while the scale is in the shop. We have scales for rent by the week or month.


Only need a scale once a year for inventory?

Why not just rent it for a week.


Give us a call.

Receipt Paper


Don't forget the paper!


Did you know that we have competitive pricing on thermal rolls, receipt rolls, debit maching rolls, labels and more.

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